SWC Worship - 2nd January 2022

Welcome to worship! Whether you worship regularly with us or only come occasionally, or this is your first time, you are most welcome!
This is the Covenant Service for the South Warwickshire Methodist Circuit. The Covenant Service takes place in Methodist Churches and Chapels every year.
The Covenant is our way of saying to God, "You take control of my life. I trust you. I know that you only have the best in mind for me. I know that if you will it, you provide the grace to do it."
It is not easy to give back control to God, but taking part in the Covenant Service each year, is our way of expressing our desire to do this, even if we sometimes snatch it back.
This service is led by our Superintendent Minister, Rev Dr Iain Ballard.
We pray that in this God-space, you will receive assurance of God's love for you, and his desire for the best for you.


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