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This is an exciting project organised by Church Together in Leamington, which aims to record how people spent lockdown and the things that came out of the pandemic.

All the churches in the Churches Together in Leamington group have been invited to take part but it is also open to anyone else who would like to make a square that will contribute to the making of a united quilt, deadline for receipt of squares is 30th April 2021.

The idea is to use people's creativity, words and feelings to capture some of the memories and experiences of lockdown by creating a small picture on a square of fabric. All the squares we are sent will be stitched together to create one large quilt that will be displayed for all to see.

Quilting is a craft created in homes across the world and throughout history. It does not matter if you are not a quilter or even if you don't sew. This is a community project to produce interesting images that capture what the lockdown has meant for you and/or your family. You don't need to be amazing at sewing to take part. This is about creating a memory — not about your embroidery skills!

When the squares are pieced together and the quilt is finished it will be available for each of our churches to borrow and have on display. After that, we plan to offer it for exhibition to public buildings in the town and to shops so that as many people as possible will be able to see it. Finally the quilt will be auctioned and the money raised will be given to a charity.

If you would like to participate but feel unable to make a square you can make a small donation to help cover the cost of professional quilting, wadding and backing materials.

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact : carrier_mj@yahoo.co.uk


The design:

This can be whatever you like, as long as it is to do with an experience of lockdown in 2020 or 2021. This could be:

  • A message of hope
  • Things that you value
  • Memories of lockdown
  • A feeling of isolation, loss or sadness
  • Things that signify this strange time for you
  • A single word expressing your emotions
  • It could be an image of clapping hands for the Carers on a Thursday,
  • Netflix
  • How you kept in touch with your loved ones
  • Your daily exercise regime
  • A Zoom meeting
  • Or eating too much cake!
  • Whatever image captures lockdown for you, that is what we want to reflect.


    Making your square

    • Cut a 20cm square of lightweight plain fabric in cotton or polyester/cotton mix.
    • Leave an edge of 2.5cm all the way around (this is so the pieces can be sewn together).
    • - This gives a 15cm square in the centre for the design.
    • If you don't have a piece of fabric, an old pillowcase or shirt would work well.
    • Please make sure it is a plain colour (no patterns or stripes). A light colour would work well.
    • You are free to use any stitching or sewing technique you feel comfortable with.
    • Gluing or using fabric adhesive is fine.
    • Hand sewing (eg cross stitch, plain stitch or embroidery techniques)
    • Machine embroidery
    • Applique
    • Feel free to add your name or initials somewhere within your design!


    Things to note:

    Your design doesn't need to fill the whole square, but it can't be bigger than the 15cm square central area.
    Make sure your finished design is robust enough to be handled while it is stitched together and displayed.

    What next

    When you have finished your square, please put it in an envelope and send it to :
    Kate Tennyson
    Kenilworth Methodist Church
    Priory Road
    CV8 1LQ

    It would be useful if you can include a little note about why you chose your design and your name, email address and telephone number in case we have a query. (We won't use your details for any other purpose). Thank you!


    * * Are materials supplied? **
    Sorry, no. However, it should be possible to create something using basic thread and cotton fabric so it is our hope that as many people as possible will be able to take part.

    * *My fabric has a faint pattern, does this matter? * *
    The main reason we have asked for plain fabric is to give a solid background colour. It doesn't matter if there is a very faint pattern to the fabric (we know how difficult it can be to find completely plain fabric).

    * * How many squares can I make? * *
    Just one or as many as you like but we would like each of our churches in Churches Together in Leamington to send at least 4 or 5. We aim for at least 64 squares but could go to 91or even more!

    * * Who can take part? * *
    Anyone is welcome to participate. This includes children as well as adults.

    * * Is there a deadline? * *
    Please post your square by April 30 2021.

    * * When will the quilt be finished? * *
    Once we have all the squares, we will try to complete the quilt as soon as we can and aim to have it displayed later this year.

    * * Who can I contact if I have questions? * *
    Please send an email message to carrier_mj@yahoo.co.uk

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