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20th March 2020

Welcome to our first Covid19 letter to you all.


As many have said we are living in unprecedented times and have not seen anything quite like this in any of our lifetimes.

As you will all know by now we cannot meet for worship and indeed our church buildings and all our church activities are closed for the foreseeable future.

This letter comes firstly with our thoughts and prayers for you all and especially for those of you with worries for yourself or others at this time. You will also find information about the pastoral links and worship opportunities that we are encouraging you to keep up with during these difficult times.

If you are in pastoral need of any kind please contact your own Minister direct by email or phone. We may also be able to arrange practical help with shopping and so on. Our details are below. If in any doubt, please contact -Rev. Peter Powers and he will link you up with help locally to you.

  • Rev. Peter Powers 07941328155 revpeter.mwc@gmail.com
  • Rev. Barbara Greenwood 01926740846 barbara.greenwood@methodist.org.uk
  • Rev. Audrey Simpson 01789267971 revaes@gmail.com
  • Rev. Jeongsook Kim 07741461060 revjeongsook@gmail.com
  • Rev. Jemima Strain 07969345389 jemima.strain@methodist.org.uk
  • Rev. Sam McBratney 07706586860 s.mcbratney@methodist.org.uk
  • Rev. Richard Wilde 07971218356 revrichardwilde@gmail.com

    There are plenty of opportunities to join in worship if you have the internet. We are encouraging everyone to link up with the live stream worship being offered by the Birmingham District via FaceBook on Sunday mornings at: https://www.facebook.com/Birminghammethodistdistrict/

    In addition, we will be offering a service online on the Circuit's own FaceBook page and on YouTube. This will be online for Sunday evenings and available from 5pm each Sunday. The links are below:



    A full text of this service is also available at this link and is being sent by post to all those
    people who do not use the Internet so they can join in too. These two worship opportunities will be available and sent to you every Sunday.

    We will be offering worship in a similar way each Sunday, and every day during Holy Week, as well as special services for Easter Day.

    Please do not hesitate to contact any of us.

    Keep safe. Keep caring. Keep praying.

    With every blessing to you and yours.

    The Ministers and Stewards of the South Warwickshire Methodist Circuit of Churches

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