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40 Acts of Kindness in Lent — Join in an Act of Kindness each day.

Lent can be traditionally seen as a time to give something up, this year for many it feels like we have already given up so much.
As the pandemic rolls on it is important to consider our own physical and mental health and how we can help each other cope during the lockdown periods and other restrictions which have cost us so much.

We are all involved with this and so the South Warwickshire Circuit offers 40 Acts of Wellbeing and Kindness for Lent, starting on Wednesday 17th February 2021 and ending on Saturday 3rd April 2021.

There is no requirement to do one each day, instead, it is a way to be kind to yourself and others.

There are 40 Acts to do (click here for the list) and you can do one each day, ticking them off as you complete them. You can do them in any order, either following the list on the sheet or you could cut them out and pick one out each day.

If you are not able to do the one you pick out but would like to do it another day, just put it aside until you can do it.

Extra choices!
We recognise, that there may be some of the Acts which do not appeal, so there are 2 sets of alternative acts that you might like to use instead. Or if you like a challenge you could double up some days!


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