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If you have a particular concern, and would like someone to pray for you, please complete the contact form on the side.

Please note, we shall not respond to your request individually, but it shall be included in our morning prayers.

Morning Prayers

Prayers continue to be offered each day, via a Zoom meeting, and you are welcome to join us


We may also anonymise prayer requests and post them on the website for others to join in the prayers. If you do **not** wish to be done, for your prayer, please indicate that on the form.

Reflection: John 20:19-30

The gospel accounts of Jesus coming back from the dead and appearing to his disciples are perhaps hard for some people to accept. After all someone suddenly appearing within a locked room and showing them their physical injuries to prove they are the same person who a short time before was killed and died goes against our understanding of the laws of nature.

But for all our advances in knowledge there are many things in our world that we still do not fully understand. The resurrection of Jesus is a mystery and hard for our minds to accept.

In this respect we are exactly like Thomas who, because he was not there on that day that Jesus appeared to the other disciples, he did not believe it. It was, as we may say, so far away from his understanding of the physical laws of nature that he just could not accept that what they were telling him was true.
He said to them I won't believe it until I see it for myself — "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it." We get the saying 'A Doubting Thomas' which is used to describe someone who is so skeptical that they don't believe anything without personal experience, from this gospel account.

Where does that leave us today — are we like Thomas who needed actual physical evidence before we believe that the real presence of Christ is with us now?

In our quiet times of thought and meditation think of past times in your life when in times of difficulty -perhaps during the war years or at other times you found through your faith an inner strength which helped you overcome your fears, sustained you through the bad times and brought you through it all.

In our present situation of isolation due to the Covid -19 virus we may not be locked in our rooms but we are in a way locked into our house. But the presence of God that we can communicate with and relate to through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit is here with us in our rooms. God reaches out to us through the walls, through locked doors, we only need to acknowledge God's presence with us as Thomas did when he said "My Lord and my God!" Amen